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Pokedexer 2.0 became extinct during beta-testing in the year 2003. But the authors of the project joined forces again in the May 2008 to create the new version of the most handy and technically perfect pokedex.
Thank you all for using this program for the last six years!
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Pokedexer is a feature-rich computer program that includes information about all kinds of Pokemon known for today. Pokedexer, developed by two scientists Pokefan Jack and Pokemaniac Anton, continues to win the praise of the Pokemon industry. Professor Oak, another Pokemon researcher and inventor of the Pokedex, said, It's fantastic! Please download this program and see what these smart asses discovered.

Include All 251 Pokemon

  • Complete lists of Pokemon in Numerical, Evolutionary and Alphabetical order.
  • Full size and compact size Pokemon portraits.
  • The only Pokedex with handy interactive Pokemon evolution sequences.
  • The only multilingual Pokedex, including ALL information translation and metric conversion.

Detailed Information About Every Pokemon

  • Pokemon statistics (text description, type, weight, height, HP, attack power, defense power, speed, etc.).
  • Available versions of the Pokemon game.
  • Available Evolutions.
  • Available Moves.
  • Available TMs and HMs.

Exclusive Information

  • All 150 moves descriptions with graphics.
  • All 50 Technical Machines (TMs) descriptions with graphics.
  • All 7 Hidden Machines (HMs) descriptions with graphics.


© 2002-2008 by Pokefan Jack and Pokemaniac Anton.
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